Huangli Shi Review

Huangli Shi, as indicated by legends, alludes to a Fangshi who can adjust the impacts of occasional solstices, sunlight based terms, and celebrations, and can anticipate every day's fortune.

Xiao Nanzhu, a jobless youngster, chosen to take on his standard occupation that has been passed down for ages, in the wake of being propelled by his cherished companion.

Presently he simply needs to call 110. Chuxi: What are you taking a gander at? You would prefer not to live past new year's eve? Chuba: Today's fortune is horrendous, nothing will end up right. I'm apprehensive there may be a… wicked fiasco.

Enlivened variation of the web novel Huang Li Shi (黄历师) by Shitou Yang (石头羊 ).

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