Leons Identity Was Revealed in Surprising Way by Pokémon Journeys

Pokémon Journeys has unmistakably demonstrated Leon's superiority in combat, but it reserved a shocking discovery for his final confrontation with Ash.

Leon's power is clearly demonstrated in Pokémon Journeys, almost more so than Ash's (even after Ash defeated him in the Master's Eight Finals of the World Coronation Series). When Leon made brief appearances throughout Journeys, he would windmill-dunk the show's toughest trainers and get lost the minute he stepped outside of his yard. Leon, who was hailed as Galar's unconquerable champion, won the Galar League on his first attempt, finishing the Gym Challenge and taking home the Champion Cup in a series of uncomplicated matches. However, a flashback during Leon's fight with Ash showed that the young trainer is not the first person to have defeated him, despite Leon's brazen claims that he has never been defeated.

Leons Identity Was Revealed in Surprising Way by Pokémon Journeys

Leon, the champion of what looked to be the first World Coronation Series, was almost irritating due to how stupid he made his rivals, whether they were Gym Leaders, members of the Elite Four, or other Champions, look. His accomplishments go even further because he once challenged 100 strong trainers from around the globe and defeated them all. Only Ash has ever managed to take down more than two of Leon's Pokémon in a single encounter. But Leon's first conflict with Sonia turned out to be a completely different challenge.

Leon lost his initial battle.

Leon was recalling the first fight he ever had as a child as he got ready for his Finals match against Ash. Leon sent out his Charmander to take on Sonia's Rookie in this conflict. Leon went out to fight Ash, unsure of why he had abruptly been considering that encounter and won the match despite being outnumbered for the majority of the time. Leon lost that fight to Sonia, but it wasn't revealed until the fourth and final episode of this conflict after he had fallen to Ash.

Leon admitted that this battle showed him what Pokémon battles were all about, even though he refrained from telling Ash directly that he had lost. Leon once dropped a quick match between kids and tiny Pokémon, which is not a big deal, but it's an intriguing omission from someone who has openly stated that he's never lost before. Leon may have become so obsessed with victory after those tears of defeat that he was an adult, a Champion, and formally the best trainer in the world before he lost again.

Leon's Character arc Needs Ash's Death

It appears that Leon never engaged in a difficult fight again after his battle with Sonia and his battle with Ash. After defeating Flint of the Sinnoh Elite Four, he headed to the gym because he and his Charizard hadn't had a chance to go all out. In a 6v6 fight, he only required three Pokémon to defeat Diantha, the Kalos Champion. Leon was so powerful in combat that it was boring to watch him fight. Like his contemporaries, some of the most intriguing and well-liked characters in the franchise, Lance, Steven, Cynthia, Iris, Diantha, and Ash, Leon is a Champion. It was not in Leon's best interest that he should be their equal in rank and stronger than them, but uninteresting because of his unbeatable ability.

Galar's unbeatable Champion lacks motivation because he has no obstacles to surmount, making him a boring character. Leon is much more interesting because he was so devastated by his first defeat that it took him years to recover, but when he did, he managed it with dignity. Ash Ketchum's defeat of Leon, who had a reputation for being invincible, was a huge win for both of them because it gave Leon new inspiration to keep getting better and gave Ash clear evidence of the value of his fighting skills. Even though it is strange that Leon would be overtly dishonest about losing before, it was still incredibly gratifying to see him fall to Ash.

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